A mistranslated bird specie on a healthy bird product :-(

Last week, my husband and I went to a certain pet store here in Corpus Christi, TX to buy treats for my COCKATIELS (Nymphicus hollandicus) and the bag I chose is translated into Spanish and French…but guess what? I ran into a MISTRANSLATED term.

I know that certain Spanish speaking countries (Mexico above all) call “cotorra” (‘parrot’) to talkative birds, mainly the green and big ones. Yes, indeed, a COCKATIEL can talk, but cockatiels learn only if you teach them since birth and have enough patience and dedication (and cockatiels are not as talkative as macaws and green parrots!). Yes, these species belong to the Psittaciformes order, but such order is subdivided into three families: Cacatuidae (for cockatoos), Stigopidae (New Zealand parrots), and Psittacidae (the ”true parrots”, “loros” or ”papagayos” in Spanish). Where do cockatiels belong to? my babies belong to the Cacatuidae family and cockatiels are the smallest birds of said family. And the ”cotorra”? it’s part of the Psittacidae family.

It is very important to correct this sort of errors because every bird has a different need. You can’t feed a cockatiel with treats or food that was specially designed for big species like cockatoos or macaws.

So, let me give you the correct Spanish terms for cockatiel: cacatúa ninfa and/or cacatúa carolina.



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