Why will I join the WORLD HIJAB DAY?

World Hijab Day was created with the aim of promoting awareness, a better understanding, and more tolerance toward hijabi ladies.  Founded by Nazma Khan after experiencing years of a great deal of discrimination due to her hijab and being called names like ”Batman”, ”ninja”, and even ”Osama”. She figured that the only way to end discrimination is by promoting awareness and being in their shoes for a day.

Due to cultural and political conflicts, worldwide issues, and terrorism, and radical followers, millions of Muslims have been unfairly discriminated worldwide on the streets, airports, and restaurants. Let’s not forget that every Muslim country is different, every Muslim family has different values and beliefs, and every follower has a different mentality. Those who are innocent  suffer discrimination every day in Western nations, mainly those ladies who decide to wear hijab by choice. These ladies are constantly harassed and bullied in schools, supermarkets, and even within their workplace, even getting to the point of forcing them to remove it.

If we don’t start with ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to live in a more tolerant environment. I invite you to click on World Hijab Day for more information. Let’s participate by promoting awareness and, why not? wearing the hijab for a day on Feb 1st, 2014.  Better Awareness. Greater Understanding. Peaceful World. #WorldHijabDay


One thought on “Why will I join the WORLD HIJAB DAY?

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