1st International BxlTweetUpLab

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Dear colleagues,

If you’re in Europe (or planning to go this April), don’t miss this amazing gathering for translators! You’ll learn a lot.  SaraEmeline, and Raphaël will provide you with great insights and advices to become a better and successful freelancer. So, don’t miss this upcoming BxlTweetUpLab!

For more information, please scroll down.

In Touch Translations Blog

I have exciting news for you, guys!


My partner in crime, Sara Colombo, and I have been working hard to bring you a unique event which we are very proud of: the 1st International BxlTweetUpLab!

So what is this event exactly about? Well, it’s no secret there’s a huge gap between translation studies and the real industry, that running a successful business can be a difficult task and that you can quickly find yourself lost in a sea of ressources that all tell you what you have to do to become a better entrepreneur.

That’s where we come in! In this lab, we’re offering you the chance to pick up our brains and experiment fresh ideas that will change your perspective and allow you to go beyond the limits of this profession.

What you will get: 

• Qualified professionals to work right next to you for the whole event


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