My Weekly Top 5 (Part II)

As I mentioned to you last week, this section is inspired on Catherine Christaki‘s “Weekly Favorites” of Adventures in Freelance Translation. This time I found it hard to choose my top 5 tweets: all of them were good! So, today (yeah, just TODAY) I decided to make an exception and include an additional Top 5 Tweets, making it Top 10 instead ;).

I’ve found so many tweets and articles about Oscar Pistorius case (who hasn’t?), but of course I couldn’t chose them all. It’d be quite boring for the reader and wouldn’t definitely be within the standards of my series. Also, I found a funny tweet from Mexican-American comedian George Lopez as a reply to Danny Trejo. It reminded me so much to my childhood in Mexico, waiting for a Mexican hot corn vendor shouting on the streets “¡Lleven eloteeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!”. What else? motivational thoughts, funny tweets, and… well, just take a look!












Blog posts 

Bad translations as a marketing tool by Corinne McKay

How I Designed my Business Cards and Brand Identity by Francesca Airaghi

How to ensure you’re choosing the right language service provider (LSP) by BURG Translations

15 tips on how to increase your chances when contacting translation companies by Riccardo Schiaffino

Busy vs. Productive: Finding Your Productivity Nirvana by Marie Jackson


7 Stupid Branding Mistakes Your Small Business is Making by Sujan Patel of Entrepreneur

Lesson 83: How can a translator benefit from improving copywriting skills? by Marta Stelmaszak

Why Your Freelance Writer Website Makes You Sound Like an Idiot [And How to Get Your True Voice Back] by Sophie Lizard

Is your second language a ‘secret’ language? by A. Martínez and Leo Durán

Your Blog Post’s Not Complete Without These Essentials  by Paul Pruneau


The tea pickers sold into slavery

Oscar Pistorius: a runaway interpreter, then the trial of the century begins

Pope accidentally says ‘f***’ in papal address

Hollywood movie titles lost in translation 

Selling Health Care To California’s Latinos Got Lost In Translation

Feel free to post your comments and questions. If you have any suggestion or you’d like to share with me a link or tweet for next week, please do not hesitate on letting me know.

Have a great start of the week!


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