Planning to get your first business cards? (Part III)

So, we’re finally at the best part of our segment! Yes! Inspirational models, amazing cards, great templates, strategic uses, etc.

I would love to show you some business cards from colleagues I met last year at the ATA conference. I got a whole bunch of business cards, but due to reasons of space, I only picked a few. Every translator has his/her own style, so I’m not forcing you to use EXACTLY the model they have, but at least get an idea because their designs are just so great.

So, are you ready to see some strategically-used business cards?

Bilingual cards

This is a great strategy for bilingual translators that wouldn’t like to waste the back side of their card. By doing this, you’ll be increasing your chances of increasing your clientele, as some of them are monolingual prospect clients looking for help. So, take advantage of that blank side!




Loved these cards!


Oops! Excuse this flash... couldn't control this camera ;-).

Oops! Excuse this flash… couldn’t control this camera ;-).


(Again, please excuse the flash.)



20140311_165354 (1)

So, what’s your plan, now?

Hope my humble tips and ‘graphic explanations’ are useful for your next step.

Remember, you can read the former parts as follow:

Planning to get your first business cards? (Part I)

Planning to get your first business cards? (Part II)

And now: Planning to get your first business cards? (Part III)

Would you like me to create a Part IV? Anything you feel it’s necessary to add up? Feel free to post all your comments and questions!

Have a great day and good luck with everything!


4 thoughts on “Planning to get your first business cards? (Part III)

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  2. Brenda, thank you for including my cards in your examples. I read all three of your posts on this topic and your tips are spot on! Even though a business card is physically small, it is an important document and it is crucial to use it to make a good (not bad!) impression. I have presented on this topic before and had made some similar suggestions, but sharing this info on your blog was a great idea and the images you use to illustrate your points are very helpful.

    • THANK YOU so much for everything: your feedback, your comments, all your teaching,s and lessons. Actually I’m still a bit embarrassed for last year’s business card hehehe (remember?). As I mentioned in my first post, I learned from my mistakes and from other ‘graphic models’ I’ve seen around. Indeed, even if it’s just something tiny, this ”small piece of marketing” is not only our business card, but our presentation. Business cards used to be just ”business cards”, but now they define us. So, investing time in small details will definitely save us a lot of hassle.

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