Weekly Top 5 (Part III) – 03/09/2014 – 03/15/2014

Dear followers,

Thank you so much for all support you’ve been providing me all these days! I know you loved last week’s articles and I’ll do my best to be constant and accurate. This week was quite stressful, but it wasn’t an obstacle for me. As you can see, I made a slight change: include twitting and publication dates.  I don’t know if you’ll like this week’s content, but I had certain mishaps going on. So I did my best to collect everything in a cool and timely manner.

To start with, I’m glad someone requested Goodreads to name the translators of every translated book they had in the system, not only authors, co-authors, and/or editors. Oh, and the best: now there exist the hashtag #namethetranslator! Isn’t it cool? And, besides, that hashtag is on the way of being translated into several languages, including Arabic. It’s time to recognize the efforts and dedication of all unnamed book/literary translators! What else? Well, you would see several marketing tips and ideas, as well as a few news related to translation, interpreting, and intercultural differences.

So, shall we start?






Blog posts

Ukraine: A glossary of 32 words, phrases, people and places you should probably know when following the crisis

Be an Entrepreneurial Linguist Rather Than Just a Freelance Translator

What is the Future of Social Media?

Language combination and the retour debate in interpreting

What’s in a Brand? Sara Colombo from Sara Colombo Translations


50 Tweetable Ideas for Small Business Owners

8 pronunciation errors that made the English language what it is today

Breaking the language barrier

The Languages of Twitter Users

7 Steps to Launching a Successful Twitter Chat


Mexican immigrant sues after newborn seized by Mississippi agency

Refuge found in words

Iraqi interpreter writes of lessons learned; the importance of cultural understanding

In Iran, a battle over control of media and culture is heating up

Fatwa prohibits ‘All You Can Eat’ offers

Feel free to post your comments and questions. If you have any suggestion or you’d like to share with me a link or tweet for next week, please do not hesitate on letting me know.

Have a great start of the week!


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