Weekly Top 5 (Part V) – 03/24/2014 – 03/30/2014

Dear followers,

Last week’s WT5 is quite varied as I’m sharing a bit of everything. One of the most important events that definitely caught my attention (and broke my heart) is Ms. Noor Tagouri‘s tweet (see below), which unfortunately shows a sad situation still occurring in the US: hate and discrimination against Muslims. Last week, Noor and her colleague of African-American origin were harassed and discriminated after a court hearing outside the courtroom of Chancellor Robert Corlew III. Sadly, Mr. Micah Forrest, Ms. Lou Ann Zelenik, and a group of so-called Americans acted in such a shameful way (click to watch this video AND LISTEN CAREFULLY).

So, my dear readers: If we don’t start with ourselves, we won’t be able to live in a more tolerant environment. Why discrimination if we can live in harmony? Differences make us special, but sharing values in common strengthen our bonds. Please, spread the word because this is very important.

The rest of my WEEKLY 5 tweets, blogs, articles, and news are just about language, marketing for freelancers, translation affairs, and cultural/political issues.

So, shall we start?




Blog posts

Leafleting: promote your translation business

How to Manage your Business Cards 

Great news: Awaited changes for Spanish court interpreting are finally here! 

3 Myths about Financial Translators 

On academic blogging



The Importance of Being Good Company on Social Media

 At risk of digital extinction: Europe’s smaller languages fight to survive 

Crucial Personal Branding Strategies for Beginners

Lesson 85: How to write a good direct email or letter to promote your translation services?

Do You Have What It Takes to Make It as an Entrepreneur? 



Scotland’s Vikings go own way in independence vote 

One Vote Could Change The Course Of Mexican-American Studies 

Will French be the world’s most-spoken language by 2050? 

Hundreds protest against Florida deaf man’s wrongful murder conviction

Dolphin whistle translated by computer for the first time


Feel free to post your comments and questions. If you have any suggestion or you’d like to share with me a link or tweet for next week, please do not hesitate on letting me know.

Have a great start of the week!


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