#Tradupet: my new Tumblr account

Hello, everyone!

A few days ago, I created a tumblr profile called #Tradupet. This humble project has the purpose of sharing pictures, interviews, and vivid moments of our fellow colleagues’ pets (along with the collaboration of each and every one of our colleagues, for sure). Of course, we’ll occasionally include relevant topics of interest such as branding, marketing, pros vs cons, and more!

Whether you have a grumpy cockatiel, a mischievous dog, a moody cat (both your pet and your CAT tools software), or a pair of crazy canaries: they love you and you’re everything for them.

So, drop us a line and participate! Email us the following information at tradupet@gmail.com :

Profession + Language combination(s):
Pet name:
Share your pet’s story. Tell us more about him/her!
Your social media profiles:

Looking forward to hear from you and your furry/feathered friend!


Brenda L. Galván & Brunita


PS: For questions or further consultation, don’t forget to visit my website or contact me directly by email or via one of my social media profiles.


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