Ouija: marketing strategy or fail?

What do you think of a company who uses the image of a ouija to advertise its services and special offers? Is it funny, strategic, or inappropriate?


As you can see here, “X” company is trying to capture our attention with two similar banners. While it may look attractive before the eyes of those who love bright ideas, it may be spooky for conservative or religious prospect clients. Did you know that there are websites of virtual ouija boards? Believe it or not, there are cultures that would definitely not “mess” with those portals, even if they look like simple entertaining games. No, the aforementioned creative banners are not ouija board sale promos but a web hosting company. Even if these are just graphics, some ultra-conservative prospects would not risk themselves to click on these promos.

So, again, my question: marketing strategy or fail? As a freelancer, I find this so creative and funny because it was quite unexpected when I saw them. Yes, several Latinos (in my case, of course) may be afraid of ouijas, but it’s hard to deny “X” ‘s ingenuity, isn’t it? The point of being strategic is to launch new revolutionary ideas on a century surrounded of opportunities. Learn, grasp, and launch! The choice is yours, but don’t forget to take into account the cultural sensitivity of your target audience. I invite you to share your points of view and comments below.

Thank you!


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