A few strategic places to drop off and give out business cards

Strategic… but just make sure it’s appropriate and permissible

  • Networking events
  • Trade shows
  • “Fish bowls” – I’m not talking about an aquarium, but rather a sort of ‘fish bowl marketing’. Some companies have a glass fish bowl with a sign in front of it asking business card carriers to place them in for a chance to win a prize. So take advantage of this opportunity!
  • Community bulletin boards – Local bulletin boards are ideal places to advertise your business or services. Many coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and schools offer this space for a more ‘organic advertising’ strategy.
  • Local restaurants – Some local restaurants have a place for business cards, either a small space near the registry machine or a bulletin board, but don’t forget to check it out.
  • In tips left after a meal – This is very rare, but if you tip well… they’d absolutely keep your card ;-).
  • Business centers
  • Hotels
  • Day Cares/Nursing Homes
  • College Campuses (i.e. Student Centers or Bulletin boards)
  • Small local businesses/vendors
  • Cultural events
  • Gyms
  • Coffee shops
  • Ethnic restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Bookstores
  • Libraries
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Museums or Art galleries
  • Family members- Yes. I know you would be like “they already know what I do, so they don’t need me”. So let me tell you something: they might run into someone needing your services, so they would automatically give out one of your cards instead of looking for a pen and paper or having a hard time with their Contacts App.

Unusual, weird, but works if appropriate. 

  • Bridal Stores – Some bridal stores have a section of relevant business cards for other business owners. Who knows? Maybe a bride is looking for an interpreter for her wedding ceremony or someone needs a certified translator for immigration purposes.
  • Hair Saloons/Barber Shops – I know this might sound crazy, but I bet your husband was chitchatting with a barber about his work, wife, etc… you end up being part of the topic and SORPRESA: your barber needs a legal translator.
  • Airports – Research a bit more about it
  • Auto repair/Car wash shops – Some of them have a special table for small business owners. Just take a look :).
  • Retail stores – As I just mentioned above, there are a few that have a small section for them. Not all, so just make sure of it before proceeding to do so.
  • Transportation: buses, taxi, subways, metro, train – Sometimes you are in a conversation with someone and your profession might come out as part of it (who knows?).
  • Halloween bags? – This might work if the parents are keeping an eye on their kids’ candy addiction.
  • Vet’s office- A few vet offices have a board exclusive for small businesses, where pet owners can go pin their business cards.
  • Pet stores – Some pet stores have a place for carriers to place their business cards: whether it is a small space near the registry machine, a fish bowl, a bucket, or a bulletin board, you might be lucky.
  • Laundry service – Make sure they have a bulletin board, ok?
  • Dry cleaning facilities – Some of them have a small table or bulletin board for small businesses.

NO WAY! Don’t even dare!

  • Public restrooms – Awkward and unhygienic
  • Mailboxes – ILLEGAL -> Federal Law
  • Table dance – Awkward…
  • Night clubs/bars – Unless it’s a professional but informal networking event or you are having a conversation with a bartender who might need one, you should not do it.

A very important tip: Talking from personal experience: use your good judgement. I know we would love to give out as many business cards as possible, but sometimes you need to consider that some businesses/people do not care about what you do. It is good to think about the return of your investment in order to avoid the waste of a large number of cards.

So, do you have any strategic place? Please let me know and I will gladly update this post. Don’t forget to share this post. Got any questions or comments? Feel free to drop a line below 🙂

Isn't this model so cute? His name is Angel :)

Isn’t this model cute? His name is Angel :)… and the birdy on the typewriter is Brunita.


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