About Me

My name is Brenda Galván and I am a freelance translator, interpreter, and cultural blogger currently located in Corpus Christi, TX. The aim of this blog not only focuses on business purposes or sharing experiences and ideas, but also to share global knowledge, freelancing tips, and some facts occurring nowadays that may be of your interest. Since dance is part of my hobbies, I would also like to share information about the art of raqs-al-sharki only ocassionally, without neglecting or setting aside the professional world of translation, naturally. I am a young but hard-working and dedicated translator with long-term commitments:  bridge linguistic differences between cultures, network with amazing and knowledgeable colleagues, and share my experiences as a freelancer.

Please, make yourself at home and bear with me a little bit, as sometimes I got so much work in my back that I barely have a chance to breathe or develop a new post. If you have any suggestion or comment, feel free to share it. Have an amazing day!

Find me at:


Icons created by John Negoita and PSDDude.


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