My Weekly Top 5 (Part I)

This section is inspired on Catherine Christaki’s “Weekly favorites” of  Adventures in Freelance Translation. There has been so much information to share, but we often lose track of valuable articles and tweets that  may eventually be useful for further consultation. Also, considering the fact that I tend to get lost for months without posting anything, I didn’t want to end up like those blogs that just fade away, without notice, leaving ghostly footprints. I was thinking: “so, why have a blog if not collaborating with something productive?” So, here I am, sharing new contributions with you all :).

For those who haven’t visited Cath’s blog yet, let me tell you that her weekly series are very complete, informative, and condensed in a single weekly blog post.

In my case, I will only post 5 blog posts, 5 articles, 5 tweets, and 5 news (if any) related to translation, interpreting, language issues, culture, and/or marketing in a weekly basis.

So, shall we start? 🙂






Blog posts

Basic business things every freelancer should do (right now) by Corinne McKay

Céline’s 10 Tricky Situations Translators Might Find Themselves In and How To Get Out of Them by Céline Graciet

8 Indicators that reveal if an interpreter is professional by Jeff Alfonso

What’s in a Brand? María López García from Loga Translations by Emeline Jamoul

10 tips to use social media as branding tools by Sara Colombo


12 Surprising Signs You Could Be an Entrepreneur  by Grant Cardone

Want Customers to Open Your Emails? Read This by Laura Entis

How to Name your Business by Entrepreneur Staff

What can you learn from the most successful bloggers by Anil Agarwal

Lesson 82: How to write effective brochures and leaflets? by Marta Stelmaszak


FIFA lifts ban on head covers

Translating the dangers faced by an author under threat 

Facebook exempt from Quebec’s French language law, lawyer says

Language barrier affects refugee’s medical treatment

Spanish-speaking mom thrown out of her Bronx home by cops, who she claims did not provide an interpreter

Feel free to post your comments and questions. If you have any suggestion or you’d like to share with me a link or tweet for next week, please do not hesitate on letting me know.

Have a great start of the week!


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